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I'm getting increasingly annoyed with the news reports on this petrol thing at the moment.

For those of you that dont know, theres been an issue localised to the south east of england, where cars are behaving badly after filling at certain tesco's or morrison's.  The problem basically causes the car to misfire alot, and in more modern engines with alot to go wrong, break down.  

Since the news started saying about this the entire country has gone batshit over it.  People all over the place are now claiming that because they stopped at a tescos a few weeks ago, their car broke down yesterday and that tescos should foot the bill for it.  Also, it seems to have extended to idiots driving diesel cars.  

News flash, diesel is a different fuel to petrol.  They are so far removed from each other its pure nonsence to believe that whatever might be contaminating the supply in the SOUTH EAST OF ENGLAND might be having an adverse effect on your van in dundee.

Whats worse is the fact that any news source seems to be taking every email and phone call from people think they are being effected by this, as gospal.  They even interviewed a woman in Milton Keynes this morning whos car broke down last week whos now trying to claim that was caused by the problem.  She seems to think that an issue with the petrol being used a few hundred miles away has somehow caused the ECU on her car to 'splode giving her a £1000 bill that someone else should pick up for her.

And thats one rant down for me.


I filled up at Tesco once... and my car keeps needing an MOT and a service... and now the brakes have gone funny. Maybe I should write to the BBC.
It is also very dirty. Hrm.
Its obviously tescos fault that happened. I'd recomend sending them a bill for your Tax, Insurance, MOT, and indeed, all the petrol you've used since.
From what I heard on the news this morning the problem is only affecting the oxygen sensors on certain high spec cars, so it should be relatively easy to differentiate between those who really are affected and the opportunistic scammers who claim it caused their flat tyre...

Though I do find it amusing that only those with expensive cars are affected.
Well yeah. More to go wrong on them. I think my ol' pile of crap could probably work on 20% piss. I'd hate to think how bad the mileage would be though....
Small cars = economical cars.

You'd be surprised at the difference in fuel economy in them, Alan's 2ltr car uses about 50% more fuel than my 1ltr while driving to Cambridge and back.
ah theres a website already telling you how to claim compensation ;-)
My cars been off the road for a year and a half.....its obviously Tescos fault!
this is now apparently a country wide phenomenom


ah those that leap on the bandwagon, reckon you should be claiming alex hasnt your car played up for the last few weeks :-)
Hmm...yes, I think the petrol problem caused my Distributor cap to develop a hairline crack, and caused the bolt on my wiper blades to become loose...

...I think I have a claim!
yes i was wondering about the puncture in my tyre recently.

wonder if we can blame the flu epidemic on this as well, obviously the petrol was contaminated with a virus of some sort.



I can see that none of you have the problem, or you would be more sympathetic. I filled up wednesday and my car stalled on a roundabout The garage are too full to take my car in to fix it.
I don't drive a posh car, and I need it for work.

Re: Petrol

I'm entirely sympothetic to people who have a geniuine problem. I'm just getting increasingly irate with the people who are jumping on the bandwagon because they think they can get free money out of it. As I said, people in the wrong part of the country, or driving diesel cars/vans who are claiming thier break downs are being caused by this problem. For example, the guy in Dundee whos saying that hes suffering from the same problem. I honistly doubt that the refinery in essex that appears to be the cause of the problem is to blame for something happening in dundee.

Re: Petrol

Yay for anonymous posters :)


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